Cilplan Shop Fitting System

Cilplan was developed with the retailer in mind with its unique approach to merchandise presentation and use of space.

The Cilplan system is non-modular, so it doesn’t suffer the constraints of a traditional shop fitting system where the position of the product is determined by the available wall space, the track is fitted horizontal with the shop fittings simply locating into the track. The presentation is very clean and minimal making it ideal for fashion, yet with its inherent strength it can be adapted to suit most types product and densities.

To further enhance its flexibility the track comes in 2 options. Cilplan10 is fitted during the build process so that once the walls or panels are complete only a small opening is visible whereas the surface mounted can be retro fitted making it ideal for pop up shops or simple refurbishments as it needs no specialist tools. Cilplan is also the only product available that can be fitted to a curved wall.

For more information on Cilplan download the our component sheets on the right or contact us using our online form or call +44(0)1279 444448

Download Cilplan Technical Sheets

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