Orbit Shop Fitting System

Orbit is a development of a now classic shop fitting option; the ferrule socket.

We have with some clever engineering taken the socket to a new level making it decorative as well as practical.

We have got rid of the need for a facing plate to conceal the hole when not in use by adding a central core; this is not only pleasing to look at but acts as the location point for the display equipment. The design allows a display arm to slide over the central core locating in the back of the socket in the correct position with a push fit mechanism.

There is a simple range of merchandising equipment to compliment the system, with a number of the components having a dual role, the forward arm is also the shelf bracket and rail support. The arms have 2 safety features, a locating mark to show when the bracket is properly located and a slight uplift so when they are loaded they flex and settle down to a horizontal plane.

Download Orbit Technical Sheets

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