Aline Shop Fitting System

Aline was created to solve a problem, minimal presentation with strength.

Most shop fitting systems rely on uprights and metal brackets to create the structure for displaying merchandise which can be distracting. Aline with its unique design allows glass shelves to simply push into the track to be supported safely without the need for additional support, there is also a range of contemporary shop fittings to compliment.

The Aline track is non-modular and simple to fit with the facing panels needing no specialist treatment as the track takes the strain rather than the panels, which uniquely allows it to be used in plaster board. The Aline track does not determine the design of the store it’s function is to receive the shop fittings without distracting from the design.

Aline with its innovative design sets new standards in presentation without limiting the type of product that it can be displayed, from cosmetics to men’s suits.

Download Aline Technical Sheets

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